Technical Translations German - English: About Me
Technical Translations German - English

Technical Translations German - English: About Me

Andrea Deffner
After finishing my A-levels at a grammar school based on economics, I attended the "Sprachen- und Dolmetscherinstitut" (SDI) in Munich which I completed in 1994 as "Qualified Translator for the English Language" in the subjects of technology and natural sciences after three years of academic studies.
Following my exams, I lived in London for almost a year where I built up contacts with native English speakers.
From 1996 onwards, I have been working as a free-lance translator based in Munich with the main focus on technology, architecture, engineering, IT and medicine. In 2004, I was publicly appointed and sworn in as "Translator for the English Language" at the regional court in Munich.

My long term interest in language together with regular contacts and visits to England, as well as library and publishing-house works, helps to support me greatly in the practise of my work as a free-lance translator.

I have been a member of the "Bundesverband für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer" (BDÜ), the German federal association for interpreters and translators, for many years and my customers include for example architects' and engineering offices as well as doctors and private persons.